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Pinboard Archive

The Pinboard is the place to give hints on recent backgammon related events at the main page of my website. Sooner or later those notices will be deleted from the main page, but can be re-visited here at the pinboard archive.
P i n b o a r d
Escoffery's FIBS Spring Tournament 2008    2008-02-09

The Escoffery FIBS Fall Tournament has just finished and already the preparations for the Spring Tounament have begun. You can register for the tournament until 29 March. Here you find the entry information and tournament rules.

Visitor statistics of 'Hardy's Backgammon Pages'    2008-01-01

Visitor statistics 2004 - 2007

In 2007 more than 31,000 visitors found their way to my website, which is an increase of more than 50% compared to last year. A new main attrraction is probably my (only German) Backgammon Forum, with 2,000 posts in in the last 3 1/2 months.

Thank you very much for all your feedback and help. I promise to increase the attractivity of my website next year by providing even more valuable backgammon information.

I wish you all a lucky, healthy year 2008 with a lot of jokers!!!

FIBS-Party 2007 Photos    2007-08-29

The 2007 FIBS-Party was again a great success. Actually most participants preferred the new modus, having the party in a big, rented cottage. The party feeling was more intense this way and one could play the whole night through, which actually many did.

Enjoy the photos!

Countdown 5th German FIBS-Party running    2007-08-15

FIBS-Party 2007 Logo In two days the fifth German FIBS-Party will start in the romantic region of the "Vulkaneifel". On-short-notice bookings are still possible. For information have a look here.

And as usual: The traditional photos from this event can be seen here in about one weeks time.

New World Champion 2007 from Argentina    2007-07-20

Jorge Pan from Argentina is the new World Champion of Backgammon 2007. He is the first South-American to win this title. Congrats!

The final match and one of the semifinals can be downloaded from my Match Archive. With kind permission of


The first match from the World Championships 2007    2007-07-11

Monte Carlo - Casino With Achim Müller's kind permission, I am happy to be able to offer his 1st round match against the German Norbert Wiebusch from this year's World Championship in Monte Carlo for Download here.

Both players played at a very high level! It was a pity that one of them had to lose.

More about the match and some impressions of the World Championships can be found on Achim Müller's Monte Carlo 2007 Blog.

(P.S.: Yes, I know - the casino in Monte Carlo isn't the venue for the World Championships any more.)

Back Home !    2007-06-28

After 5 1/2 months at sea (16 ports, 12 countries, 3 continents) I returned home yesterday. I most certainly missed a lot of recent backgammon news and am presently trying to catch up as soon as possible.

I fear that some e-mails did not get through to me while at sea. Anyone still missing a reply on one of his/her e-mails, please send it again. I promise to reply to any message!

Just to get a little impression of my time at sea, here a photo taken as I was searching my way through a field of ice-floes north of Iceland:

In the Ice - 12 June 2007

Invitation for the FIBS-Party 2007    2007-05-04

FIBS-Party 2007

It's time to start the preparations for the 2007 FIBS Party! This time FIBS Party goes rural. We have rented this House in the German Eifel. Now we are waiting for your announcements.

We expect to have a lot of fun, but will also have a serious tournament to decide, who will be the fourth winner of the FIBS-Party Challenge Cup.

Quiz Question: What's that?    2006-12-08

Doubling Device - provided by Chris Bray Chris Bray, author of What Colour is the Wind?, kindly provided this photo of a very rare backgammon item. The numbers indicate what it's made for.

Anyone else owning such a piece?

Read more about it here.

World Series of Backgammon shown in TV    by Hardy Hübener, 2006-12-02

EUROSPORT 2 presently broadcasts the World Series of Backgammon. Unfortunately I am unable to receive this channel. Who can provide me with recordings of that programme on DVD?

WBA's new website      2006-11-28

The World Backgammon Association (WBA) has a newly designed website with a lot of new features. Go have a look at www.world-backgammon-association.com.
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