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Backgammon – Bibliography

For games of any complexity, there must be a bibliography. Without books and magazines to instruct and provide information there will be no development and the game will die.
Chris Bray, 1994  1)  
Two years ago I started to build up a backgammon library and to document my knowledge about backgamon writings. On the following pages you can share this - yet incomplete - knowledge.

My bibliography about backgammon is limited to books (so no articles or magazines), which were published either in English or German. It consists of three overviews, arranged by authors name, title of the book or the year of publication. By klicking on a books title you reach the detailed description of that book.

This symbol photo available shows, that a picture of the books cover is available.

If you have any additional information or find any errors within my bibliography, please let me know.
More Bibliographies
Any book, for which there is no remark in the detailed description, that I am still searching for it, is already part of my library. My information about the other books are either from ebay, antique book shops in the internet like Abebooks or ZVAB or from the following backgammon bibliographies:

  • Carl Tait's Bibliography, published April 2000 in the newsgroup rec.games.backgammon. This bibliography is very complete, contains especially data about some very old books which are missing in the other bibliographies. As this bibliography was last published 2000, newer books are missing there. It also does not contain any photographies.

  • Tom Keith's Bibliography in the Backgammon Galore. Very complete and made with loving care. You can access books either by author, title or year. For every book you'll find a very detailled description, including the contents, a photo of the cover and book reviews.

  • Art Grater's Bibliography in the Backgammon-Portal. It not only contains books, but also magazines and articles (some of them available for download).

  • Frederic Jessel's Playing Cards and Gaming - A Bibliography, a very ample bibliography of card and board games, published 1902 (new edition in 1972).

  • Some helpful book reviews can be found in the Backgammon Forum Archive, where the best messages from rec.games.backgammon are archived.
1) Chris Bray - "Backgammon - Quo Vadis", published 1994 in "The Independent". Also published 1998 in his book Chris Bray - "An Independent View".

Last update: 3rd May 2007