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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Bray, Chris
  Title Backgammon - An Independent View
  Cover Cover
  Year 1998
  Pages 127
  Publisher Electra Publishing, Somerset, England
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN 1-901501-05-1
  Language English
  Remarks Also have a look here: Recommended Reading
  From the same Author What Colour Is The Wind?, 2002
Second Wind, 2007
Backgammon To Win, 2007
  Book Reviews "Chris is a well known and accomplished British player who writes a backgammon column for a newspaper as well as other backgammon publications and put it all together in one handy book. [..] The most useful are his descriptions of the different types of games and the strategies for both sides as well as keys on when to use the doubling cube in each of them. There are also sections on chouettes, props, settlements, tournament play etc. Although he doesn't go deep into detail on any one topic, he gets the ideas accross and manages to give you information on a vast variety of topics, some only touched upon in other works. There's no time to become bored with the style or the content as it is a collection of short concise articles with several humorous anecdotes interspersed throughout." – Martin Short, on www.gammoned.com/books/, October 2001