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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Bray, Chris
  Title What Colour is the Wind?
  Cover Cover Cover
  First Print Druck (2002) Edition from www.lulu.com (2006)
  Year 2002 / Reprint at www.lulu.com in 2006
  Pages iv + 243 / 246
  Publisher Chris Bray, London / www.lulu.com
  Binding Softcover, spiral-bound / Softcover
  ISBN without
  Language English
  Remarks Not a typical backgammon textbook, but highly recommended reading indeed. Have a look here: Recommended Reading
  From the same Author Backgammon - An Independent View, 1998
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  Book Reviews "In summary, 'What Colour is the Wind?' is a fascinating, well-balanced and exuberant read. Casual players not overly enamoured with the prospect of book reading will find the text a rewarding introduction to the wonderful world of backgammon strategy. More experienced Intermediate or Advanced players will undoubtedly find the book a useful and entertaining resource to improve, or reinforce their existing knowledge base. Chris Bray has truly produced a work of art! – Mark Driver, GammonVillage, July 2002