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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Barr, Ted
  Title Barr On Backgammon
  Subtitle A Collection of 'The Seattle Times' Backgammon Columns
  Cover Cover
  Year 1981
  Pages 202
  Publisher The Writing Works, Seattle, WA
  Binding Hardcover with dustjacket
  ISBN 0-916076-52-0
  Language English
  Book Reviews "This well organized primer discusses the checker play of 120 positions. The positions are each chosen to discuss a prevailing theme such as when to run, the importance of an advanced anchor, or preventing a double. The book's audience is not for the beginner, as only 10 pages are devoted to rules, and no pages are devoted to the overly written about "how to play an opening roll of 3-1." For the intermediate to advanced player the 1-2 page discussions of each position are insightful. The analysis emphasizes fundamentals and the relative importance of the multiple objectives of each position. Some topics show two or more subtlety different positions to highlight the covered topic. Although some of the suggested plays can be shown inferior through rollouts, the logical analytic approach taken can benefit one's study of the game." – Walter Swan, February 1996