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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Heyken, Enno
  Fischer, Martin B.
  Title Das Backgammon Handbuch
  Cover Cover
  Year 1989
  Pages 232
  Publisher Falken-Verlag
  Binding Hardcover (without dustjacket)
  ISBN 3-8068-4422-4
  Language German
  Remarks 1. Also available in English as The Backgammon Handbook.

2. The 2007 published Backgammon is new edition of this book.
  From the same Author The Backgammon Handbook, 1990 [english translation]
Backgammon für Fortgeschrittene, 1997
Backgammon für Einsteiger, 1996
Backgammon, 2007
  Book Reviews "The two best introductory books are Paul Magriel's 'Backgammon' and Enno Heyken's and Martin B. Fischer's 'The Backgammon Handbook'. [..]
The advantages of 'The Backgammon Handbook' are, first, like (Magriel's) 'Backgammon', it systematically elucidates backgammon strategy; second, it contains the complete score, with some annotations, of the very illuminating, 26-game match between two-time World Backgammon Champion and leading backgammon theorist Bill Robertie and now-inactive international master Nack Ballard (Reno, 1987) that the former described as '...perhaps the most interesting one I've ever played in my life!'; and third, it is still in print with a publication price of about $35.
Its disadvantages are, first, Heyken - though an International Master in chess - does not have an international backgammon rating, and Fischer does not have a master rating in backgammon; second, it contains only about 60% as much text as 'Backgammon', while not being significantly terser; and third, the authors' lack of qualifications is evidenced in some of their misleading and/or naive analyses." – John Bazigos, July 1993