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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Magriel, Paul
  Title Backgammon
  Cover Cover
  Year 1976 / 1997 / 2004
  Pages xii+404
  Publisher 1976: Quadrangle/The NY Times Books Co., New York
1997: X-22 Publishing
2004: Clock & Rose Press, Harwich Port, MA, USA
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket) / Softcover
  ISBN 1976: 081290615-2
1997: without
  Language English
  Remarks 1. The bible of Backgammon !

2. Reprint 1997 unchanged. The only differences are the softcover and the use of only black for the position diagrams instead of green and black in the original edition. The 2004 edition was published by Magriel's ex-wife Renée Magriel-Roberts and contains a foreword by her and a short biography section on Paul Magriel.

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  From the same Author An Introduction To Backgammon, 1978
The Game of Backgammon, 1973
  Book Reviews "The best introduction to the game. Covers basic checker play very well. If you read and thoroughly understand this book, you'll play a decent game. Weaknesses--skimpy treatment of the doubling cube." – Marty Storer, rec.games.backgammon, May 1992

"When Magriel wrote the book he was undoubtedly the best player in the world and was the first person to try to explain the fundamental principles of the game. Until his book was written, the only books available went no further than explaining the opening moves. What makes it so good?
In essence, it clearly explains how to play good backgammon in a way that no book before or since has quite matched. Having defined the rules and the basic game types it explains with excellent examples the principles of duplication and diversification, and the strength of the 5-point [..]. It lays out rules for when to play boldly and when to play safe, when to split your back men and when not to split them. Many other basic (and some not so basic) backgammon concepts are explained. In 400 pages the author leads the reader on the journey from complete novice to competent player.
The one area of the game which the book covers only lightly is doubling, but even here there are some gems." – Chris Bray, in 'Backgammon - An Independent View', 1998