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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Storer, Marty
  Title Backgammon Praxis
  Subtitle The Matches of Malcolm Davis, Volume 1 and 2
  Cover Cover Cover
  Volume 1 Volume 2
  Year 2005
  Pages Vol. 1: 188

Vol. 2: 244
  Publisher Fortuitous Press, San Francisco
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN Vol. 1: 0943292352

Vol. 2: 0943292360
  Language English
  From the same Author Competitive Backgammon - A Collection of World Class Games Vol. 2, 1980
  Remarks 1. The books contain three matches of "Backgammon Giant" Malcolm Davis. Vol. 1 discusses a match from the World Championship 2000 against Ed O'Laughlin. Vol. 2 contains two matches: The final of the Last Chance from Pittsburgh 1997 against Marty Storer (the author of this book) and a match from the 2nd round of the World Championship 2001 against Frank Talbot. The players (Ed O'Laughlin, Frank Talbot und Malcolm Davis) co-comment the matches move-by-move.

2. The match Malcolm Davis vs. Marty Storer (1997) can be downloaded from my Match Archive (uncommented).

3. Distributor: Carol Joy Cole

4. Publishers website: www.fortuitouspress.com/praxis.html
  Book Reviews "In closing, I must admit that I just don't have enough time and space to say more good things about 'Backgammon Praxis'. It is the best match analysis book I've ever seen. [..] The quality of play by the four world-class players is quite good, and the games are very instructive. Much of the book may be over the heads of beginners. However, it is a superb book for those intermediates looking to become strong advanced players, and a great tool for experts looking to further improve. [..]
'Backgammon Praxis' receives a grade A from me!!" — Neil Kazaross, Flint Area BackgammonNews, May 2005