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  Autoren (Name, Vorname) Mabardi, Georges
  Brokaw, Clare Boothe
  Titel Vanity Fair's Backgammon to Win
  Cover Cover Cover
  Ausgabe 1930 Ausgabe 1974
  Jahr 1930 / Neuauflage 1974
  Seiten 1930: 158 / 1974: 145
  Verlag 1930: Horace Liveright, New York / 1974: The Condé Nast Publications, Inc., NY
  Bindung Hardcover, 1930: ohne Schutzumschlag / 1974: mit Schutzumschlag
  ISBN 1930: ohne / 1974: 671-21766-6
  Sprache Englisch
  Anmerkungen Neuauflage nahezu unverändert.
  Rezensionen "This book also has a delightful chapter regarding etiquette, which pays the price of admission. There, vividly and hilariously, the authors portray the various characters who populate the board's environs. Backgammon theory may have evolved during the last 60 years, but human nature evidently has not." – Paul Tanenbaum, rec.games.backgammon, Feb 1998