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Backgammon – Bibliographie, sortiert nach Autor

  unbekannte Autoren
 Autor unbekanntBackgammon - Rules for the Standard Game and Modern Variations, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Autor unbekanntBackgammon and Bagatelle, 1891
 Autor unbekanntHow to Play Modern Backgammon, Containing the Official Rules as adopted and played by the leading New York Clubs, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Autor unbekanntRules and Directions for Playing the Game of Backgammon, 1798
 Aman, PaulChampionship Backgammon Summarized, 1976 Photo vorhanden
 Anderheiden, Horst DieterBackgammon, 2003 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon für Anfänger, 1991 Photo vorhanden
 Bagai, Jeremy PaulClassic Backgammon Revisited, 120 Previously Published Problems ... Reanalyzed, 2001
 Baitz, WolfgangBackgammon, Technik und Taktik der Profis, 1986 Photo vorhanden
 Ball, Baron VernonAlpha Backgammon, With an Exclusive Section on How to Win Through Silva Mind Control, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Ballard, Nack
 Weaver, Paul
Backgammon Openings - Book A, 2007 Photo vorhanden
 How to Make a Fortune at Backgammon, 1982
 Balmford, JamesA Short and Plain Dialogue concerning unlawfulness of Playing at Cards or Tables, 1593
 Bar Point [Pseudonym]Backgammon Up To Date, With Thumb Index and 27 Diagrams, 1931 Photo vorhanden
 Barr, TedBarr on Backgammon, A Collection of The Seattle Times Backgammon Columns, 1981 Photo vorhanden
 Barron, BillCube Decisions Vol. 1, Matches of Malcolm Davis vs. Bill Robertie and Neil Kazaross, 1990 Photo vorhanden
 Becker, BruceBackgammon for Blood !, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 Bell, PeterWinning with the Doubling Cube, 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Bell, Robert CharlesDiscovering Backgammon, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 Bellamy, DanielBackgammon, or the Battle of the Friars, A Tragi-comic Tale in Verse, to which is added a Short Essay on the Folly of Gaming, by Way of Application, 1734
 'Berkeley'Draughts & Backgammon, 1895 Photo vorhanden
 Beskow, Bernhard MontgomerySwedish Backgammon, 1932 Photo vorhanden
 Bond, Ralph A.A Primer on Modern Backgammon, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Beginner's Book of Modern Backgammon, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Bondo, JesBackgammon World Championship Monte Carlo 2002, 2003 Photo vorhanden
 Boone, VirginieDraughts and Backgammon, 2003 Photo vorhanden
 Bowden, RobertChallenger Backgammon, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Boyden, Elizabeth ClarkThe New Backgammon, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Bray, ChrisBackgammon - An Independent View, 1998 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon For Blood, 2007 photo available
 Backgammon To Win, Play like a pro both online and off, 2007 photo available
 Second Wind, 2007 Photo vorhanden
 What Colour is the Wind?, 2002 Photo vorhanden
 Brooks, BartBackgammon's Best Opening Plays and Best Replies, 2004 Photo vorhanden
 Brooks, Bart
 Fogerlund, Roy
Backgammon Match Dilemmas - The Free Drop, 2007 Photo vorhanden
 Bruelheide, Frank Elmer
 Freyd, Paul R.
Winning Backgammon at Sight, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Buchhammer, ErichBackgammon, Regeln, Strategien und Spielvarianten, 19?? Photo vorhanden
 Cady, Alice HowardBackgammon, A Glance into the Early History and Descriptions of the Pasttime, 1895
 CarletonBackgammon, 1910? Photo vorhanden
 Carter, DonaldBackgammon - How to Play and Win, 1973 Photo vorhanden
 Chabot, MichelinBackgammon, How to Maximize Your Profits and Optimize Your Cube Using the Kelly System, 1983
 Backgammon: How Much Should You Bet?, 1981
 Clay, RobinBackgammon, [A 'Teach Yourself' Book], 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon in a Week, 1992 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon: Winning Strategies, A Backgammon Book that will make a weak player victorious, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Gewinnen beim Backgammon, 1989 Photo vorhanden
 Cooke, Barclay
 Bradshaw, Jon
Backgammon, The Cruelest Game, The Art of Winning, 1974  Photo vorhanden
 Cooke, Barclay
 Orléan, René
Championship Backgammon, Learning Through Master Play, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Cooke, BarclayParadoxes and Probabilities, 168 Backgammon Problems, 1978 Photo vorhanden
 Copeland, W.H.Backgammon, A 'Know the Game' Book, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 Corbett, MikeBackgammon Problems, 2007 Photo vorhanden
 Crandall, PeterWin at Backgammon, 1976 Photo vorhanden
 Deyong, LewisBackgammon - Learning to Win, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Playboy's Book of Backgammon, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Dillon, JackHow to Play Acey Deucey, 1943
 Dor-El, DavidThe Clermont Book of Backgammon, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 The Master's Moves, America's First Illustrated Backgammon Manuals, 1982
 Drayton, William Astor Esq.Verses on Backgammon, [31 verses], 1948 Photo vorhanden
 Dwek, JoeBackgammon for Profit, 1976 Photo vorhanden
 England, F.Modern Backgammon, 1930
 Eyre, W.D.Taking Some of the Luck Out of Backgammon, 1931 Photo vorhanden
 Family Herald Handy BooksHow to Play Draughts, Backgammon, and Minor Games at Cards, 1864
 Fink, Georg W.
 Fuchs, Guido
Backgammon für Anfänger und Könner, 1974, 1985, 1990 Photo vorhanden
 Fink, Georg. W.Backgammon, 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Fisher, George HenryHow to Play Backgammon, Little Blue Book No. 1749, 1934 Photo vorhanden
 Flatt, LizianneBackgammon for Kids, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 Flinton, F.Y.Backgammon Elementary Moves, 1940
 Frank, DanSystematisch Backgammon, 1995, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Frantzis, NicholasSeven Popular Games of Backgammon, 1979 Photo vorhanden
 Friedman, RoyWeltklasse Backgammon Zug um Zug, 1995 Photo vorhanden
 World Class Backgammon - Move by Move, Thirty-one annotated games between two-time World Champion Bill Robertie and international star Rick Barabino, 1989 Photo vorhanden
 Garal, Dr. JakobFair Backgammon Tournament Rules, 2006 Photo vorhanden
 Gatsos, Peter NicholasModern Backgammon in a Nutshell, (Backgammon as a Military Conflict), 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Genud, LeeLee Genud's Backgammon Book , Backgammon as Taught to the Stars at the Famous Pips Club in Beverly Hills, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Gibson, WalterBackgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon, the Way to Play and Win, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Fell's Guide to Winning Backgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 How to Win at Backgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Goldberg, Suzanne
 Hamilton, Robert
Backgammon, Rules of the Game, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Goldsmith, James T.Harrap's Easy Guide to Backgammon, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 Goren, Charles H.Backgammon, 1983 Photo vorhanden
 Goren, Charles H.
 Papazian, Chuck
Goren's Modern Backgammon Complete, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Goulding, KentBackgammon mit den Champions 1, Bill Robertie - Mike Senkiewicz, 1988 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon mit den Champions 2, Paul Magriel - Billy Eisenberg, 1989 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon with the Champions, Vol. 1, 1982 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon with the Champions, Vol. 2, 1982 Photo vorhanden
 Green, WilliamThe Backgammon Teacher, "A Treatise New and Original throughout; to which is added a familiar exposition of the manner of calculating chances, with a new table of Odds and a new Code of Laws", 1819
 Hardy, FredericHandbook of Draughts and Backgammon, With Illustrative Diagrams, 1867 Photo vorhanden
 Hattersley, LeliaBackgammon to Win, Explained fot the Beginner, Explored by an Expert!, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 How to Play the New Backgammon, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Heinrich, HalTop Matches Vol. 1, 1993
 Held, RonThe Backgammon Pocket Dictionary, 1995
 Heyken, Enno
 Fischer, Martin B.
Backgammon, 2007 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon für Einsteiger, Regeln, Techniken, Spielzüge, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon für Fortgeschrittene, Strategien und Taktiken, 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Das Backgammon Handbuch, 1989 Photo vorhanden
 The Backgammon Handbook, 1990 Photo vorhanden
 Holland, TimBackgammon - Der fünffache Weltmeister erklärt die Grundbegriffe und zeigt dem erfahrenen Spieler klassische Strategien und neue Tricks, 1982 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon for People Who Hate to Lose, The Psychology of Playing a Winning Game, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Beginning Backgammon, A new and pleasurable method of learning by playing against the master, 1973 Photo vorhanden
 Better Backgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Hopper, MillardBackgammon, 1941 Photo vorhanden
 How to Play Backgammon, 1981 Photo vorhanden
 Win at Backgammon, 1972 Photo vorhanden
 (Abridged) Win at Backgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Horowitz, Gaby
 Roman, Dr. Bruce
Dynamic Cube Strategy, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Hoyle, EdmondA Short Treatise on the Game of Back-Gammon, 1743 Photo vorhanden
 The Laws of the Game designed for Framing, 1743
 Hoyle, R.How to Play Backgammon, 1931
 Jacobs, JakeA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Point !, The Backgammon Writings of Jake Jacobs (1990 - 1996), 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon Scholar, A Journal Of Backgammon Science, 1982 Photo vorhanden
 Jacobs, Jake
 Trice, Walter
Can A Fish Taste Twice As Good?, Doubling in an unequal Backgammon Match, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Jacoby, James Oswald
 Jacoby, Mary Zita
The New York Times Book of Backgammon, A game of skill / A Game of Chance / A Game of Intrigue, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Jacoby, Oswald
 Crawford, John R.
Das Backgammon Buch, Regeln und Anleitungen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 The Backgammon Book, 1970 Photo vorhanden
 Jones, Henry [Cavendish]The Pocket Guide to Backgammon and Russian Backgammon, 1878
 Kansil, Prince DjoliBackgammon !, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Kansil, Prince JoliThe Backgammon Quiz Book, 112 Challenging Quizzes, 1978 Photo vorhanden
 Kastner, HugoBackgammon, Geschichte, Regeln, Strategien, 2008 Photo vorhanden
 Kennedy, Bill
 Papazian, Chuck
Backgammon Master Games, 1981 Strategy, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Keys-Toyer, AndyBackgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Khayat, AliThe Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon, 2005 Photo vorhanden
 Kleinman, Danny... But Only the Hogs Win Backgammons, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1991 Photo vorhanden
 A Backgammon Book for Gabriel, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1994, 2003 Photo vorhanden
 Double-Sixes from the Bar, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1982, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 How Can I Keep From Dancing?, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1983, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 How Little We Know About Backgammon, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1995, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Is There Life After Backgammon?, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1983, 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Long Road to Gammon, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1995 Photo vorhanden
 Meanwhile, Back at the Chouette, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1981, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 The Dice Conquer All, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1984, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 The Other Side of Midnight, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1986 Photo vorhanden
 Vision Laughs at Counting with Advice to the Dicelorn, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1980, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Wonderful World of Backgammon, Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman, 1981, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Labins, Mike
 Jerauld, Lloyd
Competitive Backgammon - A Collection of World Class Games Vol. 1, Featuring Lee Genud, Jim Pasko and Katie Wright, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Labins, Mike
 Jerauld, Lloyd
 Tallmadge, Bill
Competitive Backgammon - A Collection of World Class Games Vol. 2, Featuring Paul Magriel, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Lamford, Paul
 Gasquoine, Simon
Improve your Backgammon, 2002 Photo vorhanden
 Lamford, Paul100 Backgammon Puzzles, A Champion's Guide to Testing Your Skills and Improving Your Game, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 Starting out in Backgammon, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Lawrence, Michael S.Winning Backgammon, 1973 Photo vorhanden
 Leet, JohnWinning Backgammon, 1998 Photo vorhanden
 Lewis, WallerBackgammon: Its History and Practice, 1844 Photo vorhanden
 Longacre, JohnBackgammon of Today, 1930, 1973 Photo vorhanden
 Lortz, JamesDouble .....now?, An Authentic Cube Remedy, 1995 Photo vorhanden
 Mabardi, Georges
 Brokaw, Clare Boothe
Vanity Fair's Backgammon to Win, 1930, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Magriel, PaulAn Introduction to Backgammon, A Step-by-Step Guide, 1978 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon, 1976, 1997, 2004 Photo vorhanden
 Magriel, Paul
 Mintz, Penny
The Game of Backgammon, 1973
 "Major" [Pseudonym]The Checker Primer, Including Backgammon and Dice, 1877 Photo vorhanden
 Mala, MatthiasBackgammon-Spiele, 1992 Photo vorhanden
 Marache, NapoleonMarache's Manual of Chess with the Games of Backgammon and Dominoes, 1866 Photo vorhanden
 Martyn, PhillipPhillip Martyn on Backgammon, 1976 Photo vorhanden
 Moffet, J.Backgammon Calculator, 1974
 Molyneux, J. du C. VereBegin Backgammon, 1984, 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Beginning Backgammon, Strategy and Tactics for Winning Play, 2002 Photo vorhanden
 Nicholas, GrosvenorModern Backgammon, 1928 Photo vorhanden
 Nicholas, Grosvenor
 Vaughan, C. Wheaton
Winning Backgammon, Problems and Answers, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Norfolk, TimBackgammon, Rules, Strategy, Winning Play, 1978 Photo vorhanden
 Norton, Robert (Editor)Hoyle on Backgammon explained, 1981 Photo vorhanden
 Obolensky, Prince Alexis
 James, Ted
Backgammon, The Action Game, 1969 Photo vorhanden
 Obolensky, Prince AlexisBackgammon, Rules and Rulings, Book 1, 1974
 Obolensky, Prince Alexis
 James, Ted
Backgammon, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Opre, James E.Backgammon-by-Mail, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Ortega, Antonio
 Kleinman, Danny
Backgammon With the Giants: Neil Kazaross, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Jerry Grandell - His most important Matches, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 Ortega, Antonio
 Esquivel, Max
 Madrigal, Mario
Costa Rica 1993, Final Match: Wilcox Snellings vs. Mike Senkiewicz plus other selected matches from the 2nd Tournament of the Américas, 1994 Photo vorhanden
 Ortega, Antonio
 Madrigal, Mario
 Kleinmann, Danny
Costa Rica 1994, Final Match: Mike Senkiewicz vs. Mike Svobodny from the 3rd Tournament of the Americas, 1996 Photo vorhanden
 Ortega, Antonio
 Kleinman, Danny
Cubes and Gammons Near the End of the Match, 1997 Photo vorhanden
 Ortega, AntonioFascinating Backgammon, 50 Problems of match and money play, 1994 Photo vorhanden
 Pardon, George FredericBackgammon and Draughts or 'Checkers', Comprising G. F. Pardon's complete work and many valuable parts of Andrew Anderson's 'Checkers.', 1889 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon: Its Theory and Practice, 1860 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon - Seine Geschichte und Ausführung, Vom Autor von 'Whist', 1991 Photo vorhanden
 Beton's Handbook of Backgammon, 1866
 Comic Backgammon, Backgammon: Its History and Practice, By the author of 'WHIST', 1931 Photo vorhanden
 Draughts and Backgammon, A Handbook Of Draughts With A Chapter On Backgammon, 1862 Photo vorhanden
 Peel, W.H. ['Berkeley']Draughts & Backgammon, 1895 Photo vorhanden
 Perry, SusanHow to Play Backgammon, 1980 Photo vorhanden
 Prager, ArthurUnderhanded Backgammon, A Devious Guide to the Art of Backhanded Backgammon, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Racquet and Tennis Club NYLaws of Backgammon, 1931 photo available
 Ratip, ArmanHow to Play Backgammon, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Reese, Terence
 Brinig, Robert
Backgammon - The Modern Game, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 Richard, Walter LittauerComplete Backgammon, Including the Laws of Backgammon, 1931 Photo vorhanden
 Robertie, Bill501 Essential Backgammon Problems, 2000 Photo vorhanden
 Advanced Backgammon, 1984 Photo vorhanden
 Advanced Backgammon, 1987 [Deutsche Ausgabe] Photo vorhanden
 Advanced Backgammon Vol. I (Positional Play), 1991 Photo vorhanden
 Advanced Backgammon Vol. II (Technical Play), 1991 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon for Serious Players, 1997, 2003 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon for Winners, 1993, 1995, 2002 Photo vorhanden
 Learning from the Machine, Bill Robertie vs. TD-Gammon, 1993 Photo vorhanden
 Lee Genud vs. Joe Dwek, The 1981 World Championship of Backgammon, 1982 Photo vorhanden
 Modern Backgammon, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Reno '86, 1987 [engl. Ausgabe] Photo vorhanden
 Reno '86, "Technik und Taktik der US-Profis; Ein Lehrbuch zum Mitspielen", 1988 Photo vorhanden
Roy, ReubenRoy's Game of Backgammon, Wherein the Principles of the Game are explained, and the Directions of the best Players and Authorities have been compared and revised, 1884
 Schwarz, AlfredBackgammon, Lehrbuch mit den offiziellen Spiel- und Turnierregeln, 1987 Photo vorhanden
 Short, BobHoyle Abridged - A Treatise on Back-Gammon - or Short Rules for Short Memories, with the Laws of the Game, 1819 Photo vorhanden
 Steed, RickBackgamon: The Meanest Game, Dedicated to Marti -- with special appreciation to the Westside Syndicate, 1975
 Stern, DonBackgammon - A First Book, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon - How to Play, Gamble and Win, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon - The Quick Course to Winning Play, 1973 Photo vorhanden
 Stewart, J.W.How to Play Backgammon, 1902
 Storer, MartyBackgammon Praxis - The Matches of Malcolm Davis, Vol. 1 and 2, 2005
 Sturges, JoshuaHand Book of Draughts and Backgammon, The Draught Players Hand Book, 1852
 Symonds, H.D.Backgammon, Rules and directions for playing the game of backgammon, Illustrated with calculations, critical cases, and games, 1801 Photo vorhanden
 Tee, OhBackgammon as Played in Hollywood, 1930
 Thompson, DavePlay Backgammon Tonight, 1976
 Thorne, HaroldBackgammon in 20 Minutes, [Hardcover], 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon Tactics, Containing 50 backgammon problems with answers. A complete back game fully explained. Authorized laws for 1931, 1931 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon in 20 Minutes, [Softcover], 1932 Photo vorhanden
 Thorp, Edward O.The Optimal Strategy for the Pure Running Game, 1975
 Titley, G.I.A.Backgammon, Know the Game, 1994 Photo vorhanden
 Tremaine, JonBackgammon - an easy-to-follow illustrated guide to playing this classic game of strategy, 1999 Photo vorhanden
 The Amazing Book of Backgammon, Learn How to Play This Classic Game of Speed, Skill and Strategy, 1995 Photo vorhanden
 Trice, WalterBackgammon Boot Camp, 2004 Photo vorhanden
 Tzannes, Nicholaos
 Tzannes, Vassilos
How Good are You at Backgammon?, 75 Challenging Test Situations for You to Rate Your Ability with the Experts, 1974 Photo vorhanden
 Tzannes, Nicholaos S.
 Tzannes, Basil
How Good are You at Backgammon?, 50 Challenging Situations for You to Rate Your Ability with the Experts, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Backgammon Games and Strategies, Rules and Strategies for Hit (Portes), Plakoto, Moultezim and Gioul, 1977 Photo vorhanden
 Wachtel, BobIm Spiel bis zum Ende: Gewinnen in 1-Punkt Endspielen, 1995 Photo vorhanden
 In the Game Until the End, Winning in Ace-point Endgames, 1993 Photo vorhanden
 Walling, William H.
 Hiss, William J.
Backgammon Standards, How to Win at Backgammon, 1930 Photo vorhanden
 Ward, JeffDer Verdoppelungswürfel im Backgammon Band I , 1989 Photo vorhanden
 Secrets of Winning at Backgammon, 1984
 The Doubling Cube in Backgammon, Vol. 1, 1982 Photo vorhanden
 Winning Backgammon, 1986
 Winning is More Fun, 1981 Photo vorhanden
 Wiggins, NormBoards, Blots and Double Shots, 2001 Photo vorhanden
 Wilson, L.Play Backgammon, 1975 Photo vorhanden
 Withy, RobertHoyle Abridged - A Treatise on Back-Gammon - or Short Rules for Short Memories, with the Laws of the Game, 1819 Photo vorhanden
 Woolsey, KitBackgammon: Master vs. Amateur Volume 1, 2000 Photo vorhanden
 How to Play Tournament Backgammon, 1993 Photo vorhanden
 Match Qiz Series: Greiner vs. Marmorstein, 1994 Photo vorhanden
 Match Qiz Series: Lidov vs. Heinrich, 1994 Photo vorhanden
 Match Qiz Series: Sylvester vs. Ballard, 1994 Photo vorhanden
 The Backgammon Encyclopedia - Volume 1: Cube Reference Positions, 2002 Photo vorhanden
 Woolsey, Kit
 Beadles, Patti
52 Great Backgammon Tips, 2007 Photo vorhanden
 Woolsey, Kit
 Jones, Tami
Understanding Backgammon, 2003 Photo vorhanden
 Woolsey, Kit
 Heinrich, Hal
New Ideas in Backgammon, 1996 Photo vorhanden
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