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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Bagai, Jeremy Paul
  Title Classic Backgammon Revisited
  Subtitle 120 Previously Published Problems ... Reanalyzed
  Cover Cover Cover
  1st Edition (2001) 2nd Revised Edition (2007)
  Year 2001 / 2nd (revised) edition 2007
  Pages 201 / 198
  Publisher 1st edition: Flaming Sparrow Press, Portland
2nd edition: The Fortuitous Press, San Francisco
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN 1st edition: 0-943292-29-8
2nd edition: 0943292379
  Language English
  Remarks 1. Bagai identified and analyzed the major errors of the following classic books of backgammon:

   • Magriel, "Backgammon"
   • Jacoby/Crawford, "The Backgammon Book"
   • Dwek, "Backgammon for Profit"
   • Cooke, "Paradoxes and Probabilities"
   • Robertie, "Advanced Backgammon, Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2"

2. My favourite book of the last years. Should not be missing in any good backgammon library.

3. In the 2nd edition the problems 32, 52 und 68 have been edited and some minor editiorial errors have been corrected (typos, wrong pipcount, etc.).

4. Also have a look here: Recommended Reading
  Book Reviews "Jeremy Bagai has painstakingly analysed all the positions in these books [Jacoby/Crawford - 'The Backgammon Book', Dwek - 'Backgammon for Profit', Cooke - 'Paradoxes and Probabilities', Magriel - 'Backgammon' and Robertie - 'Advanced Backgammon'] using Snowie and has published 'Classic Backgammon Revisited'. This book contains 120 positions from the five books above where there is a significant analytical error in the original solution. [..]
'Classic Backgammon Revisited' does not come into the category of 'nice to have'. I believe it to be an essential purchase for anyone serious about developing their understanding of the game." – Chris Bray, in What Colour is the Wind?, p.224

"The best stuff I've seen since Magriel came out. I like the problem selection, the analysis, and the prose. New concepts, and original fresh phraseology. Fantastic!" – Walter Trice