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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Cooke, Barclay
  Orléan, René
  Title Championship Backgammon
  Subtitle Learning Through Master Play
  Cover Cover
  Year 1980
  Pages xi + 338
  Publisher Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket)
  ISBN 0-13-126102-9
  Language English
  Remarks 1. First attempt to organize a nations cup: USA (represented by Barclay Cooke & Walter Cooke) against Great Britain (represented by Phillip Martyn & Joe Dwek). The tournament format was somehow extraordinary: 40 games, winner was the team with the most accumulated points. So it was a kind of money game, while I don't know whether the Jacoby rule was in force. After 20 games the pairings changed. The dice were rolled centrally for both teams. So the same roll was used for team USA at one pairing, while it was used for team Great Britain at the other pairing. They called it "duplicate backgammon" and hoped to reduce the luck factor this way.

2. Winner was team USA with a score of 73:64.

3. Of the overall 40 games unfortunately only the first 16 were made public. They can be downloaded from my match archive.

4. Chris Bray reports in his book What Colour is the Wind that David Dor-El (author of The Clermont Book of Backgammon) is having the missing matches, but has an inflated estimate about the value of their worth. History will show whether we ever get to see those missing 24 games.
  From the same Author Paradoxes and Probabilities, 1978
Backgammon, The Cruelest Game, 1974
  Book Reviews "I can attest, like Neil, that it's full of terrible mistakes in analysis. [..] Bottom line: Start with better books than Cooke's." – Marty Storer, GammOnLine, Sep 2004