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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Ortega, Antonio
  Kleinman, Danny
  Title Jerry Grandell - His Most Important Matches
  Cover Cover
  Year 1999
  Pages viii+214
  Publisher Editorama, San Jose, Costa Rica
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN 9977-88-051-4
  Language English
  Remarks 1. This book contains six Matches of Jerry Grandell (1997-1999), three of them discussed in detail, the other three only where mistakes had occurred. For every player the authors calculate how much the errors cost each player.

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  Book Reviews "[..] is a detailed analysis of three of Grandell's championship finals in recent years. JellyFish™ has been used extensively to analyse key positions and determine the error rates of the players. I have often stressed that playing through the matches of top players is an excellent way to improve and I would recommend this book for that purpose." – Chris Bray in What Colour is the Wind?