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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Ward, Jeff
  Title Der Verdopplungswürfel im Backgammon - Band I
  Cover Cover
  Year 1989
  Pages 194
  Publisher Backgammon Zentrale, Hamburg
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN without
  Language German
  Remarks 1. German translation by Martin Koch.

2. Although the book is titled 'Vol. 1' a 2nd volume has never been published.
  From the same Author Der Verdoppelungswürfel im Backgammon - Band I, 1989
The Doubling Cube In Backgammon, Vol. I, 1982 [Das englischsprachige Orginal]
Secrets of Winning at Backgammon, 1984
Winning Backgammon, 1986
Winning is More Fun, 1981
  Book Reviews "Goes into basic doubling-cube concepts and gives some benchmark positions with equities derived from rollouts. Gives some bearoff tables, etc. Analysis of benchmark positions is pretty good but sometimes skimpy; Ward only admits to having done 100-200 rollouts to derive his equities. Worth having." – Marty Storer in the Backgammon FAQ of the newsgroup rec.games.backgammon, assembled by Mark Damish, March 1996