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Under Construction This page is still under construction. Meanwhile you can find all information about this great backgammon server at the links presented below:

Most information about FIBS, how to start, what interfaces to use, where to download them, etc. can be found on the FIBS website.

Different than other servers, FIBS does not come with its own interface. So there are a couple of interfaces avaialble. Best of them beeing JavaFIBS 2001 from Peter Nevalainen.

Another excellent source of information, including a FIBS discussion forum, is Eric Nijman's FIBS Board.

If you are already using JavaFIBS 2001, you might be interested in my article, where a solution of the "I can't see all players online - problem" is presented.

If you are interested in playing differents tournaments on FIBS or want to participate in a league, have a look at the FIBSLeaGammon Site.

Hope to see you on FIBS soon. My nick there is Hardy_whv.
Last update: 31st October 2006