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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Kleinman, Danny
  Title The Dice Conquer All
  Subtitle Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman
  Cover Cover: yet unknown :-( Cover
      edition 1984 - Cover mir nicht bekannt                        edition 1999 (Larry Strommen)
  Year 1984 (edition Danny Kleinman) / 1999 (Neuauflage durch Larry Strommen)
  Pages iv + 228 / 210
  Publisher Danny Kleinman, Los Angeles / Larry Strommen, Los Angeles
  Binding Softcover, spiral-bound
  ISBN without
  Language English
  Remarks 1. If you want to compare the position diagrams of the original edition and the Strommen reprint, have a look here: "Is There Life After Backgammon?"

2. I am still searching for the original 1984 edition of this book. If you can help, please contact me via eMail.
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