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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Kleinman, Danny
  Title Vision Laughs at Counting with Advice to the Dicelorn
  Subtitle Backgammon writings by Danny Kleinman
  Cover Cover Cover
  1980 edition: Volume 1 ...... and volume 2.
  Cover Cover
  1996 edition (Larry Strommen): Volume 1 ...... and volume 2.
  Edition 2007 by Lulu
  Year 1980: edition Danny Kleinman
1996: reprint by Larry Strommen
2007: reprint by Lulu
  Pages 1980 edition: 203 (Vol. 1) and 223 (Vol. 2) [= pages 235 to 437]
1996 edition: 223 (Vol. 1) and 211 (Vol. 2)
2007 edition: 445 (in one volume)
  Publisher 1980: Danny Kleinman, Los Angeles
1996: Larry Strommen, Los Angeles
2007: Lulu (Print-on-demand)
  Binding 1980 edition: Softcover
1996 edition: Softcover, spiral-bound
2007: Available as Hardcover, Softcover and Coil
  ISBN without
  Language English
  Remarks I am still searching for the 1996 edition of this book. If you can help, please contact me via eMail.
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  Book Reviews "Vision Laughs at Counting" [..] contains much sound advice on the practical aspects of backgammon play (e.g., sections on bg hustlers, bg cheaters, chouette money management), seminal advice on handling the doubler, and even a few unprecedented mathematical characterizations of certain aspects of certain positions (e.g., how many pips to penalize a player for having one or more checkers on the bar). It is generally insightful and often very amusingly written, but not suitable as an introductory text, sometimes obsolete, and sometimes simply wrong; and though it is the only text by Kleinman that I have read, I have good reason to believe that that judgment applies to Kleinman's other texts, as well. – John Bazigos, rec.games.backgammon, July 1993

"Technical articles on general subjects are interspersed with a format of letters to Miss Lonelyblots, the everfaithful counselor to the 'Dorn-Lorn'. The books are not entirely technical but address the tricky subject of mental attitude of how to approach the game. In addition, it details many cheating techniques in order to alert the unwary player to these pitfalls." – Butch Meese, rec.games.backgammon, January 1984