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  Autor (Name, Vorname) Dwek, Joe
  Titel Backgammon for Profit
  Cover Cover Cover
  Jahr 1975 (Hardcover) / 1976 (Softcover)
  Seiten 191
  Verlag Stein and Day Publishers, Briarcliff Manor, NY
  Bindung Hardcover (mit Schutzumschlag) / Softcover
  ISBN 0812819403 (Hardcover) / 0812823133 (Softcover)
  Sprache Englisch
  Anmerkungen Gehörte zu seiner Zeit neben Magriels "Backgammon" zu den besseren Werken. Auch heute noch lesenswert. Parallel zur Lektüre sollte man jedoch Bagais "Classic Backgammon Revisited" lesen, um Dweks Fehlschlüsse zu identifizieren.
  Rezensionen "Aother great book with the power to turn beginners into solid intermediates, though never lauded to quite the same degree as Magriel's 'Backgammon'. Dwek covers much the same material as Magriel, albeit in a more conventional, problem-oriented rather than encyclopedic, manner. It has been decribed as a colloection of simple problems [..] In fact, many of the problems are far more complex than those found in the pristine, primary-color world of Magriel; and in fact, many of the solutions are in error. Still, Dwek's was certainly the most advanced and generally accurate book of its day.
Dwek and Magriel studied together shortly before they wrote their respective books, which may shed some light on why there is so much overlap between them." – Jeremy Bagai, in Classic Backgammon Revisited, March 2001

"Problems that would now be considered fairly basic. Almost all solutions are right. Tables of replies to opening moves show how badly people played in 1975." – Marty Storer in der Backgammon FAQ der Newsgroup rec.games.backgammon, zusammengestellt von Mark Damish, March 1996