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  Autor (Name, Vorname) Wachtel, Bob
  Titel In the Game Until the End
  Untertitel Winning in Ace-point Endgames
  Cover Cover
  Jahr 1993
  Seiten 103
  Verlag The Gammon Press, Arlington, MA
  Bindung Softcover
  ISBN 1-880604-15-2
  Sprache Englisch
  Anmerkungen Wurde auch ins Deutsche übersetzt (s.u.).
  Vom selben Autor Im Spiel bis zum Ende: Gewinnen in 1-Punkt Endspielen, 1995
  Rezensionen "Gehört unbedingt in den Bücherschrank eines Championship-Spielers."  – BG Magazin 4/95

"The author has successfully taken a tiny piece of the gigantic backgammon puzzle and solved it. If you have interest in this particular area, this monograph is for you. Be aware, though, that you are getting a small number of very specific, late in the bearoff, positions." – Kent Goulding in Inside Backgammon, Nov-Dec 1993

"An analysis of run-off-backgammon vs. stay-for-the-last-shot problems. Very accurate, very limited practical use. Definitely not your first, second, third, or fourth backgammon book. Those that want it know who they are." – Jeremy Bagai, February 1996