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  Autor (Name, Vorname) Kit Woolsey
  Titel Backgammon: Master vs. Amateur Volume 1
  Cover Cover
  Jahr 2000
  Seiten i+91
  Verlag The Gammon Press, Arlington, MA
  Bindung Softcover
  ISBN 1-880604-13-2
  Sprache Englisch
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  Rezensionen "Master vs Amateur contains an annotated match between Kit Woolsey and his online backgammon magazine readers. The comments help to find deep insights in the game and the way how experts think. The move by move annotations are detailed and answer all the reader´s questions most of the time. I found no mistakes by checking the problems. Backgammon playeres of all flights can learn a lot from this book. The book is a clear take!" – Backgammon-Magazin online

"Woolsey's annotations are terrific--there is something for players of all levels. As an alternative to buying the book, you can subscribe to GammOnLine and read the full annotated match online together with over a dozen subsequent matches. Great stuff." – Tom Keith, June 2003