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  Autor (Name, Vorname) Robertie, Bill
  Titel Backgammon for Serious Players
  Cover Cover
                           1. Auflage (1997)                                            2. Auflage (2003)
  Jahr 1997 / 2003
  Seiten 1997: 186 / 2003: 250
  Verlag Cordoza Publishing, New York
  Bindung Softcover
  ISBN 1997: 0-940685-68-X / 2003: 1-58042-077-X
  Sprache Englisch
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  Rezensionen "... kann dieses Buch zu einer Leiter zum Erfolg werden, ...kann es für jeden BG-Spieler empfehlen." – BG-Magazin II/97

"This book picks up where Backgammon for Winners leaves off. Winners is a good book for the novice but his one is where its at if you want to move up to the intermediate level. [..]
I found the insights in this section extemely valuable in improving my play beyond the beginner level. Although there are several editorial errors (incorrect diagrams and repeated sections) as is the case with several of Robertie's works, it still dishes out several gems of information, tips and hint to make you a better player and is well worth the money for someone who is tired of getting slapped around over the board.[..]
I thought it was an excellent book and one of my top picks for the beginning player." – Marty Short, http://gammoned.com/books/, July 2002