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  Autor (Name, Vorname) Robertie, Bill
  Titel Reno 86
  Cover Cover
  Jahr 1987
  Seiten 275
  Verlag The Gammon Press, Arlington
  Bindung Softcover, spiralgebunden
  ISBN ?
  Sprache Englisch
  Anmerkungen Dieses Buch wurde auch ins Deutsche übersetzt (s.u.).
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  Rezensionen "Two annotated matches from the very strong Reno tournament of '86. Semifinal match is between Nack Ballard and Mike Senkiewicz; an excellent match, well annotated. Finals between Ballard and Howard Markowitz. The book is in quiz format, so you can test your skill against Ballard's (well, kind of: Ballard had to find his moves over-the-board under great pressure--nothing like the finals of a big tournament to get the adrenalin flowing!). I've only found a couple of mistakes in the annotations." – Marty Storer in the Backgammon FAQ of the newsgroup rec.games.backgammon, assembled by Mark Damish, March 1996